Philipp Kopp pursued his Bachelors in Mechatronic at Hochschule Reutlingen and graduated in 2017. He was an active member of the robocup team and supported the team in its competitions. His work lead to several publications under supervision of Prof. Matthias Rätsch.

During an internship at the computer vision department of Daimler AG Philipp could gain experience in the field of deep learning and artificial intelligence for autonomous driving. In 2017 he could further deepen his knowledge in deep learning and face analysis during a research visit at the centre for vision, speech and signal processing (CVSSP) in Surrey, UK being supervised by Prof. Joseph Kittler.

Currently Philipp conducts his master studies at ETH Zürich in robotics and autonomous systems. Additionally, Philipp is co-founder of 4dface, a startup focusing on 3D face analysis and avatar creation.


A current list of his publications can be found at google scholar.