RoboCup is an international scientific initiative to advance the state of the art in intelligent robots through competitions. The RoboCup @ Home competition is the largest international annual competition for autonomous service robots and aims to develop service and assistance robot technology with high relevance for future household and service applications.

More than 30 committed students from Bachelor, Master and PhD programs in the Faculty of Engineering, Computer Science and ESB made a valuable contribution through their work in this year’s virtual Open Platform League through their work at the RT Lions. In two challenges we sent our virtual robot into the competition simulation and took 3rd place!

We had to assert ourselves against 12 international teams. Therefore, we worked day and night on our codes and spent sleepless nights online together to make it into the top 3 worldwide. Prof. Rätsch: “This special year was a big challenge for all of us. Coordinating yourself virtually, communicating asynchronously, working with unknown faces in a simulation was completely new territory. We had to show which team has the most flexible engineers. Ultimately, the challenge paid off. We are all very proud. It is the BEST PLACEMENT that the team has ever achieved in this league for our university and our country ”.

Special thanks go to the Faculty of Technology, ASTA, RRI, RIO and the industrial partners Vector Informatik, Metralabs, Festo, BEC, Intenta, Bosch and Daimler for their support.

At the RT Lions, students learn a lot more than just programming or working with AI and ROS. A success like this is only possible in a strong team with perfect organization and great enthusiasm.

If you would like to find out more about the RT Lions and how you cann participate,write to RT_LIONS on Instagram or send an email to