RoboCup@Home qualification for Bangkok 2022 has started

This year, the RT Lions will again take part in the qualification for the Robocup World Championship 2022. In addition to the revision of the team description paper, we are currently working hard on the shooting and editing of the qualification video.

The deadline for submission is on Sunday, November 28th.

We are looking forward to the upcoming competition in Bangkok and of course, we hope to surpass last year’s performance.

It will be another great adventure where we can put our research and development into the robots, see our ideas in action, and the whole world can see our progress and research.

You want to be part of this event and want to turn your ideas into reality? We are still looking for support from students from all faculties for the competition!

You are interested in:

  • programming (C / C ++ / Java)
  • Server administration (Linux)
  • Image processing
  • electronics
  • mechanics
  • Organization / Marketing
  • our humanoids and mini-robots.

We also write final theses (Bachelor thesis), laboratory projects (Master) and additional activities (Bachelor) in these areas.
Simply write an email to Michael.Danner@Reutlingen-University.DE or Matthias.Raetsch@Reutlingen-University.DE

We’re looking forward to seeing you!