WON!!! Sick Robot Day 2018

Victory, the RT Lions at Sick Robot Day

The RT Lions took part in the Sick Robot Day competition on October 13, 2018, and with great success. They took the first place and at a distance to the second place, which can be seen.

  1. RT Lions, University of Reutlingen
  2. Camaro Engineering e. V., Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe
  3. Eduro, Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague

In total, 13 participants took part in the competition.



The participating groups came from different universities, schools and from several robotic institutions.
The participating countries were Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovenia.

The challenge was to pick up metal balls from a moving turtle bot and place them in a basket located at the robot’s starting point.
The winner was the one who had the most balls in his box after eight minutes.


The RT Lions robot consisted of a large four-wheeled chassis, the robotic arm Sawyar (Leonart).
The orientation of the entire robot was realized by two sick sensors, a camera and a trained CNN software.


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