Xi’an Polytechnic University Delegation visited ViSiR and the RT Lions

The President and a Delegation from the Xi’an Polytechnic University (XPU) visited the Lab of ViSiR in Reutlingen.

The RT Lions welcomed the Visitors with traditional Chinese Tea, Coffee and all of their Robots.
KuRT & BeRT the NAO Robots, Leonie and LeonaRT were set up for this big event in at the end of the year.

Matthias welcomed XPU President Prof. Gao Ling to the Lab.

5 XPU Students are currently part of the RT Lions:

  • 3 x Post Doc
  • 2 x Master Student




With the support of the XPU Students it was possible to win the Sick Robot Day Competition.

All three Post Doc’s prepared a small Presentation about their Research Field in China and their Tasks at the Sick Robot Day.





The RT Lions are very happy to have such a strong Partnership with the Xi’an Polytechnic University and is looking forward with this Partnership to the RoboCup Competition 2019 in Sydney.