November @ RT Lions

The past weeks have been very eventful for the RT Lions.

Study Information Day (Wednesday 21.11.2018)
Two large groups of students visited the RT Lions RoboCup room to get an idea of ​​what you can do next to studying at Reutlingen University.The robot LeonaRT, which was used at the Sick Robot Day, was very well received, but also our NAO robots were a real magnet!


Visit from South Africa (Thursday, 22.11.2018)
Prof. Theo van Niekerk from Nelson Mandela University in South Africa also visited the team. In a small round he was introduced to various robots and subsequently discussed on Automated Guided Vehicles.

Open House (Saturday, 24.11.2018)
Students, parents and students, as well as college staff, visited the RT Lions, causing a massive onslaught on RoboCup’s open day.Leonie, LeonaRT, KuRT and BeRT as well as VR glasses and many interesting little robots were prepared for this day. Many questions have been raised about Leonie and LeonaRT, our two robots who will accompany the RT Lions to Sydney for the RoboCup World Cup.

XPU visit (Monday, 26.11.2018)
Xi’an Polytec University (XPU) President Professor Gao Ling and his delegation visited the RoboCup room and saw the work of the RT Lions. The three postdocs and two XPU Masters students, who have been part of the team for 2 months, are preparing a presentation and traditional Chinese tea. An important cooperation agreement was signed between the two universities on the day. Prof. Rätsch has been instrumental in the contract and will take joint research and RoboCup activities to a new level. Especially the good cooperation of the XPU with the Reutlinger students was praised at the Sick Robot Day and there was an outlook for the RoboCup World Champion 2019, which both teams want to contest together.
Read More about that here: ViSiR Blog Post

10 years RRI (Thursday, 29.11.2018)
For the 10th anniversary of the Reutlingen Research Institute (RRI), there was a big celebration in the auditorium of the university, attended by politicians, professors and employees.
The RT Lions were visited in advance by a camera team to give a little insight into the work.
Of course, then Leonie, LeonaRT and KuRT & BeRT were not missing in the event. Leonie greeted the guests and introduced her to Follow Me and LeonaRT shook hands with the guests diligently.
KuRT showed various dance performances and also presented his Follow Me application, also in front of our president Henrik Brumme. He was pleased that KuRT followed him so nicely and later in the evening the college secured RT-Lions financial support for the RoboCup World Championships.


Christmas Market @ Reutlingen University (Wednesday, 05.12.2018)
For the first time, leonie was invited to the christmas market at the Reutlingen University Campus and entertained the people with funny and christmassy sentences.
Maybe she will dress up next year as Santa Claus?